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  • Product name: KT Series-Triac Output Photo Relay
  • Product number: KT Triac Output
  • Control Voltage:
  • Load Voltage: 240VAC
  • Load current: 0.3,0.6,0.9A 1.2A
  • Installation:

  • load voltage:240VAC 

  • 0.3A,0.6A,0.9A and 1.2A load currents

  • Save space with a DIP 8-PIN package 

  • Two types available: zero-cross type and non-zero-cross type

  • High dielectric strength: 5,000 V AC(between input and output)


Rated output Trigger modle Type Packing
Transient voltage Load current DIP type SMD type Tube packing(DIP type) Reel packing(SMD type)
600V 0.3A Zero-cross type KT203 KT203AX 50pcs/tube
0.6A KT206 KT206AX
0.9A KT209 KT209AX
1.2A KT212 KT212AX
0.3A Non zero-cross type KT203R KT203RAX
0.6A KT206R KT206RAX
0.9A KT209R KT209RAX
1.2A KT212R KT212RAX

Note: SMD types are packed by reel. NO.1,2,3 and 4 terminals show the direction for pull. It said SMD products "AX" did not mark on the logo of products. 



Item Symbol KT203,KT203R KT206,KT206R KT209,KT209R KT212,KT212R Remarks
Input LED forward
IF 50mA  
LED reverse voltage VR 6V  
Peak forward
IFP 1A f=100Hz Duty Ratio=0.1%
Output Repetitive peak
off-state votage
VDRM 600V  
Load current IT(RMS) 0.3A 0.6A 0.9A 1.2A  
Surge current ITSM 3A 6A 9A 12A 60Hz 1 cycle
Dierectric strength Viso 5000VAC  
Operating temperature Topr -30℃~+85 Non-condensing at
low temperatures
Storage temperature Tstg -40℃~+125  

Note: At the end of product No.,"AX" is omitted.



Item Symbol KT203,KT206,KT209,KT212 KT203R,KT206R,KT209R,KT212R Remarks
Input LED dropout voltage VF 1.3V max. IF=20mA
LED reverse current IR 10μA max. VR=6V
Output Peak OFF-state
IDRM 100μA max. IF=0mA VDRM=600V
Peak ON-state voltage VTM 2.5V max. IF=10mA ITM=max.
Holding current IH 25mA max. f=100Hz Duty Ratio=0.1%
Critical rate of rise of
OFF-state voltage
dv/dt 100V/μs min. VDRM=600Vx1/
Trigger current IFT 10mA max. VD=6V RL=100Ω
Zero-cross voltage VZC 50V max. IF=10mA
Turn on time Ton 100μs max. IF=20mA VD=6V RL=100Ω
I/O isolation resistance Riso 1000MΩ min  500VDC

Note: 1.At the end of product No.,"AX" is omitted.2.In order to the photo-TRIAC relay are turned on and off correctly, recommended LED current IFT is 20 mA

1.Home appliances(air conditioners,microwave ovens,refrigerator,washing machines,personal hygiene systems,   fan heaters, water heaters and inductive heating cooker etc.)

2.Industrial equipment

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