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  • Product name: KS21 Three-phase Motor Reversing Module
  • Product number: KS21 Three-phase AC output
  • Control Voltage: 12~32VDC
  • Load Voltage: 480VAC
  • Load current: 25A 50A
  • Installation: Panel Mounting

● Photoelectric isolation

● LED status indicator

● Dielectric strength 4000V

● Built-in RC snubber circuit

● Built-in logic interlock circuit

● SCR output

● High EMC design(EFT 4000V/5KHZ)

KS21 motor reversing module is a special solid state relay which is only used for reversing control and bucking-connected brake control by three phase motor.It integrates logic interlock circuit and turn-on delay circuit, to avoid destruction from phase-to-phase short circuit caused by input controlling misoperation. As long as the switching time meet the specification, it can protect the power supply system, motor and module itself. In the meantime, the module integrates RC snubber and varistor protection circuit to improve its reliability.

The module offer (48~530)VAC output voltage,with ouput current at 25A and 50A. It include a double color LED to indicate the running status conveniently. 

Input Parameters (Ta=25℃)

Control voltage range (9.6 ~32)VDC
Must turn-on voltage 9.6VDC
Must turn-off voltage 3VDC
Max. input current 32mA
Max. reverse protection voltage -32VDC


Output Parameters (Ta=25℃)

Max.load current 48P25: 25A
48P50: 50A
Load voltage range (48 ~ 530)VAC
Max.transient voltage 1200Vpk
Max.on-state voltage drop 2.1Vr.m.s.
Min.load current 100mA leakage current 10mA dv/dt 500V/μs
Turn-on delay time
(integrated in module,see
time sequence diagram t3)
Max. turn-off time (see time
sequence diagram t1)
1/2cycle + 1ms
Frequency range (47 ~ 63)Hz
Max.surge current (10ms) 48P25: 250 Apk
48P50: 500 Apk
Max.I2 t for fusing(10ms) 48P25: 312A2s
48P50: 1250A2s


Application Parameter(Ta = 25℃)

Module load current 25A 50A
Motor power 1.5kW 4kW
Heatsink part number HF92B-150A HF92B-150C


GENERAL (Ta=25℃)

Dielectric strength (input to output) 4000VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 1min
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(500VDC)
Max.capacitance (input to output) 10pF
Operating temperature -30~ 80
Storage temperature -30~ 100
Ambient humidity 45% ~ 85% RH
Termination Screw
Mounting model Panel mounting
Unit weight Approx 335g
Operating status indication Forward: green
Reverse: red
EMC burst Immunity
Test according to GB/T17626.4
(IEC61000-4-4):Grade 4(4000V,5kHz)

1. The product datasheet shows the non-repetitive peak value of the surge current. Therefore, in order to prevent the module from short circuit damaging in some accidental circumstances, the user should connect three semiconductor fuses in series to the module power side(such as Xi'an Kaiert's KS series product). At the same time, I2t value of the semiconductor fuse must be smaller than the module norminal value.
2. The module switch the force electricity according to the weak electricity, when using we should turn-on the three-phase power first and then DC control signal. If the turn on sequence is opposite, it would easily produce a high shock voltage in module output terminals, thereby damage the product.
3. When using the module,the minimum switching time offered by user should be larger than 30ms.
4. Please pay more attention to actual load current and ambient temperature for module selection. When the moudle is used for full load operation, we'd better install an adequate heatsink or take other effective cooling measures. When the ambient temperature is high, please refer to the curve of Max. Load Current vs Ambient Temperature for derating.
5. Tighten the module screw terminals properly. If the screws are loose, the module would be damaged by heat generated from connection. Also excessive screw mounting torque may damage module internal components. Recommended screw mounting torque as follows: output screw mounting torque range is (0.98~1.37)N.m, input screw mounting torque range is (0.3~0.5)N.m.
6. It's recommended to use the matched heatsink by Jinxinrong. If the user needs to use home-made heatsink, it's needed to ensure that the module base temperature does not exceed 85

7. Since the module internal electronic components are asembled to a whole body by filing epoxy resin, excessive baseplate mounting torque may damage the internal components. Therefore, we recommend using (0.98 ~ 1.37)N.m torque to fix the module.
8. Please do not use the module beyond the descriptions in the datasheet.If it is a must to use it beyond descriptions, please contact Jinxinrong for more technical support.

The modules are widely used for industrial application include three phase motor control and electric actuator control, the typical application include blender control, steam valve control,flow control, wind door control, and so on. 

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Your present location:home >> products >> Motor reversing module >> KS21 Three-phase Motor Reversing Module


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