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Concept and Feature of solid state relay?


Solid state relay (ab. SSR) is a electronic switch, providing essentially the same performance, but without moving parts. It is a totally electronic device that depends on the electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of semiconductors and electrical components to accomplish its isolation and relay-switching functions.
Mostly DC input circuit and individually AC input circuit. DC input circuit is divided into resistive input and constant current input. In resistive input circuit, control current varies linearly with the input voltage; in constant current input circuit, when the input voltage reaches a certain value, the current no longer increases with the rise of the voltage markedly. This relay is suitable for a relatively wide range of input voltages.
Output circuit is mainly composed of output devices and transient inhibition absorption circuit, sometimes include a feedback circuit. Currently, main output devices are Transistor, SCR, Triac, MOSFET, IGBT and etc.


2. Features

1) The input current is very small, can be compatible with TTL.
2) Long life operation. The electrical life of SSR generally up to hundreds of millions of cycle at rated load condition.
3) Switching without sounds.
4) High reliability.
5) High-speed, high-frequency switching operation. 

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