• Product name: KV Series-MOSFET Output NO Photo Relay
  • Product number: KV(NO) MOSFET Output
  • Control Voltage:
  • Load Voltage: 60V 200V 400V 600V
  • Load current: 100mA 130mA 300mA 500mA
  • Installation:

  • load voltage:60V,200V,400V and 600V 
  • Controls low-level analog signals
  • Normal dielectric strength is 2500VAC, and reinforced insulation type dielectric strength is 5000VAC
  • 6-pin type, include DIP and SMD footprint
  • 1a normally open type,compatible AC/DC


 Rated output  Dielectric strength  Type  Packing
 Load voltage  Load current  DIP type  SMD type  Tube packing type(DIP type) Reel packing type(SMD type) 
 60V  500mA  2500VAC
(Ordinatry type)
 KV212  KV212AX
 200V  300mA  KV217  KV217AX
 400V  130mA  KV214  KV214AX
 600V  100mA  KV216  KV216AX
 60V  500mA  5000VAC
insulation type)
 KV212H  KV212HAX
 200V  300mA  KV217H  KV217HAX
 400V  130mA  KV214H  KV214HAX
 600V  100mA  KV216H  KV216HAX

Note: 1.SMD types are packed by reel.NO.3 and 4 terminals show the direction for pull. 2.It said SMD products "AX" did not mark on the logo of products.

3.For space reasons, the "K"and "v"did not mark on the logo.



Item Symbol KV212 KV217 KV214 KV216 KV212H KV217H KV214H KV216H Remarks
Input LED current IF 50mA  
LED reverse voltage VR 5V  
Peak forward current IFP 1A f=100Hz Duty Ratio=0.1%
Power dissipation Pin 75mW  
Output Load voltage(Peak AC) VL 60V 200V 400V 600V 60V 200V 400V 600V  
Load current
(A conection)
IL 0.5A 0.3A 0.13A 0.1A 0.5A 0.3A 0.13A 0.1A Peak AC and DC
Surge current
(A conection)
Ipeak 1A 0.9A 0.3A 0.2A 1A 0.9A 0.3A 0.2A 100ms(1 shot),VL=DC
Power dissipation Pout 500mW  
Total power dissipation PT 550mW  
Dielectric strength
Viso 2500VAC 5000VAC  
Ambient temperature Topr -30~+85  
Storage temperature Tstg -40~+125 Non-condensing at
low temperatures

Note: At the end of product No.,"AX" is omitted.



Item Symbol KV212,V212H KV217,V217H KV214,V214H KV216,V216H Remarks
Input Operate current IFon 5mA max.  IL=max.
Turn off current IFoff 0.4mA min.  IL=max.
LED dropout voltage VF 1.5V max.  IF=50mA 
Output On resistance
(A conectiion)
Ron 0.5Ω typ.1Ω max. 4Ω typ.10Ω max. 15Ω typ.30Ω max. 28Ω typ.40Ω max.  IF=5mA IL=max. within1s
Off state leakage
ILeak  1μ Amax.  IF=0mA VL=max.
Turn on time Ton  2ms max. IF=5mA IL=max.
Turn off time Toff  1ms max.  IF=0mA IL=max.
I/O capacitance Ciso  1.5pF max  f=1MHz VB=0V
Initial I/O isolation
Riso  1000MΩ min.  500VDC

Note:1. At the end of product No.,"AX" is omitted. 2.In order to the photomos relay are turned on and off correctly, recommended LED current (I) is 5.0mA

Modem,telephone equipment, communication equipment, computer input equipment, power control, power plant equipment, preventing disaster equipment, warning equipment, security equipment, measuring instruments,sensors,industrial machinery, etc.

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