• Product name: KS20(AC output) SSR
  • Product number: KS20(AC output) SSR
  • Control Voltage: 5VDC 12VDC 24VDC
  • Load Voltage: 240VAC
  • Load current: 1.2A 1.5A
  • Installation: PCB Mounting

● Load current 1.5A

● Photoelectric isolation

● Dielectric strength 2000V

● Printed circuit board mount

KS20 is a set of SPST-NO AC type solid state relay with small dimension, single in-line printed circuit board mounting. Using surface mount process, it is resistant to high surge current capability, suitable for electromagnetic valves, motors, incandescent control. The relay's DC input is compatible with 5VDC, 12VDC and 24VDC logic systems. Optical isolation between input and output, the output in the form of zero-cross turn-on type and random turn-on type.

Input Parameter (Ta = 25℃)

Control voltage
               5                           (4-6)VD
              12                         (9.6-14.4)VDC
              24                         (19.2-28.8)VDC
Must turn-on
               5                           4VDC
              12                          9.6VDC
              24                          19.2VDC
Must turn-off voltage                    1.0VDC
Max. input current                20mA
Input resistance                5                           270Ω
              12                          750Ω
              24                          1.64KΩ


Output Parameter (Ta = 25℃)

Load voltage range (48 ~ 280)VAC
Load current range (0.1 ~ 1.5)A
Max. surge current (10ms) 25Apk
Max. I2t for fusing (10ms) 3.1A2 s
Max. off-state leakage current 1.5mA
Max. on-state voltage drop 1.5Vr.m.s.
Max. turn
-on time
Zero cross 1/2cycle + 1ms
Random 1ms
Max. turn-off time 1/2cycle + 1ms
Max. transient voltage 600Vpk
Min. off-state(dv/dt) 200V/μs
Max. zero-cross over voltage ±15V
Min. power factor 0.5


GENERAL (Ta = 25℃)

Dielectric strength (input to output) 2000VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 1min
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(500VDC)
Vibration resistance 10Hz-55Hz 1.5mmDA
Shock resistance 980m/s2
Operating temperature -30~ 80
Storage temperature -30~ 100
Ambient humidity 45% ~ 85% RH
Unit weight Approx 3.5g

1.Soldering must be completed within 10s at 260* or less or within 5s at 350* or less.

2.The SSR case serves to dissipate heat. lnstall the relays so that they are adequately ventilated.lf poor ventilation is unavoidable, the load current must be reduced. Please refer to the curve of Max. Load Current vs Ambient Temperature.

3.The input circuitry does not incorporporate a circuit protecting the SSR  from being damaged due to a reversed connection.Make sure that the  polarity and the input and output are correct when connecting.

4.If the output transient voltage exceeds the norminal value, a varistor should be connected to the SSR output terminal in parallel to prevent the relay being breakdown. The recommended varistor voltage 470V.

5.When using the relay in phase control applications, at a phase control angle close to 180 degrees the relay's input signal turn off at the trailing edge of the AC sine wave must be limited to end 200祍 before AC zero cross. This  assures that the relay has time to switch off. Shorter times may cause loss of control at the following half cycle.

6.For the inductive load applications, the output terminal of relay should connect across a RC snubber, which can suppress the transient voltage and a voltage rising rate of exponential impact of the relay .

7.Please do not use the relay beyond the descriptions in the data sheet.If it is a must to use it beyond descriptions, please contact Jinxinrong for more technical support.

8.Terminal arrangement.

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