• Product name: KS28 Single-phase Dual AC Output
  • Product number: KS28 Single-phase Dual AC Output
  • Control Voltage: 4~15VDC 15~32VDC
  • Load Voltage: 240VAC 380VAC
  • Load current: 25A 40A 50A
  • Installation: Panel Mounting

● Dual Solid State Relay

● Photoelectric isolation

● Dielectric strength 4000V

● Built-in RC snubber circuit

● SCR output

● Panel mount

KS28 is a dual AC solid state relays, that two completely independent AC output solid-state relays are integrated in a standard panel package. The product control voltage offer (4~15)VDC and (15~32)VDC two type, load voltage 240VAC and 380VAC, load current divided to 25A, 40A and 50A. Using optical isolation between input and output, and with built-in RC snubber circuit. The product can be used for heating, lighting control and other occasions.

Input Parameter (Ta = 25℃)

Control voltage range                1D                      (4 ~ 15)VDC
               2D                    (15 ~ 32)VDC
Must turn-on voltage                1D                                 4VDC
               2D                               15VDC
Control current                1D                       (8 ~ 50) mA
               2D                       (6 ~ 30) mA
Input resistance                1D                                  330Ω
               2D                                 1.5kΩ
Must turn-off voltage                                      1VDC


Output Parameter (Ta = 25℃)

  □-24□25 □-38□25 □-24□40 □-38□40 □-24□50 □-38□50
Load voltage range (48 ~ 280)VAC (48 ~ 440)VAC (48 ~ 280)VAC (48 ~ 440)VAC (48 ~ 280)VAC (48 ~ 440)VAC
Max. transient voltage 600Vpk 800Vpk 600Vpk 800Vpk 600Vpk 800Vpk
Load current range (0.1 ~ 25)A (0.1 ~ 40)A (0.1 ~ 50)A
Max. surge current(10ms, Apk) 300 400 500
Max. I2t (10ms, A2s) 450 800 1250
Max. on-state voltage drop 1.5Vr.m.s.
Max.off-state leakage current 10mA
Min.off-state dv/dt 500V/μs
Max. turn-on time Zero cross: 1/2 cycle+1ms; Random: 1ms
Max. turn-off time 1/2 cycle+1ms
Frequency range (47 ~ 63)Hz
Min. power factor 0.5


GENERAL (Ta = 25℃) 

Dielectric strength input to output 4000VAC,50Hz/60Hz,1min
input,output to base 2500VAC,50Hz/60Hz,1min
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(500VDC)
Operating temperature -30~ 80
Storage temperature -30~ 100
Unit weight Approx 83g

1.Make sure that the polarity is correct when connecting, to avoid damage to the relay.
2.Apply heat-conducting silicon grease or a thermal transfer pad on the space between SSR and heat sink. Then, screw the
heatsink firmly. In that case, it would keep the SSR from damaging by overheat.
3.Install an adequate heatsink or take other effective cooling measures, when the relay is working. Please refer to the curve of
Max. Load Current vs Ambient Temperature.
4.Please do not use the relay beyond the descriptions in the data sheet.

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