• Product name: KS15 Single-phase SSR AC Output
  • Product number: KS15 Single-phase SSR AC Output
  • Control Voltage: 24VAC 110VAC 220VAC 3~32VDC 4~32VDC
  • Load Voltage: 240VAC 380VAC
  • Load current: 10A 15A 20A 25A 40A
  • Installation: Panel Mounting

● Built-in RC snubber circuit

● Photoelectric isolation

● Triac output

● Removable protective cover avaliable

● Dielectric strength 4000V

● Zero-cross or random turn-on

● Panel mount

     KS15 is a panel-mounted AC Solid State Relay, offer (3~32)VDC or 24VAC, 110VAC, 220VAC input voltage control, with outputs current at 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A or 40A and etc. Load voltage range from 48VAC to 440VAC. The relays provide 4000VAC opto-isolation, between input and output.With built-in RC snubber circuit. Encapsulation,thermally conductive epoxy.

Input Parameters(Ta=25oC)

Control voltage range(DC input) (3~32)VDC (Without LED)
(4~32)VDC (With LED)
Control voltage range(AC input) (85 ~ 132)VAC (110V Input)
(175 ~ 264)VAC (220V Input)
(19.2 ~ 28.8)VAC (24V Input)
Must turn-on voltage(DC input) 3VDC (Without LED)
4VDC (With LED)
Must turn-on voltage(AC input) 85VAC (110V Input)
175VAC (220V Input)
19.2VAC (24V Input)
Must turn-off voltage(DC input) 1VDC
Must turn-off voltage(AC input) 10VAC (110V, 220V Input)
2VAC (24V Input)
Max. input current 25mA (DC)
15mA (AC)
Max. reverse protection voltage(DC input) - 32VDC


Output Parameters(Ta=25℃)

  □-□□10-□ □-□□15-□ □-□□20-□ □-□□25-□ □-□□40-□
Load voltage range                                    □-24□□                                        (48 ~ 280)VAC
    □-38□□                                        (48 ~ 440)VAC
Max. transient voltage                                    □-24□□                                                   600Vpk
                                   □-38□□                                                   800Vpk
Load current range 0.1to10 0.1to15 0.1to20 0.1to25 0.1to40
Max. I2t(10ms, A2s) 78 144 312 312 880
Max. surge current (10ms) 100Apk 150Apk 200Apk 250Apk 400Apk
Max. off-state leakage current 10mA
Max. on-state voltage drop 1.5Vr.m.s.
Max. turn-on time(DC input) Zero-cross: 1/2cycle + 1ms,Random: 1ms
Max. turn-on time(AC input) 30ms
Max. turn-off time AC Input:40ms,
DC Input:1/2cycle + 1ms
Min. off-state dv/dt 200V/μ s
Min. power factor 0.5


GENERAL (Ta=25℃)

Dielectric strength 2500VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 1min, input,output to base
4000VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 1min, input to output
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(500VDC)
Operating temperature -30~ 80
Storage temperature -30~ 100
Unit weight Approx 70g

1.When choosing a SSR,please pay more attention to actual load current and ambient temperature. When the SSR is used for full load operation, we'd better install an adequate heatsink or take other effective cooling measures. When the ambient temperature is high, the load current must be reduced. Please refer to the curve of "Max. Load Current vs Ambient Temperature".
2.Apply heat-conducting silicon grease or a thermal transfer pad on the space between SSR and heat sink. Then, screw the heatsink firmly. In that case, it would keep the SSR from damaging by overheat.
3.It's recommended to use the matched heatsink by Jinxinrong. If the user needs to use home-made heatsink, it's needed to ensure that the SSR base temperature does not exceed 85
4.Tighten the module screw terminals properly. If the screws are loose, the module would be damaged by heat generated from connection. Also excessive screw mounting torque may damage module internal components. Recommended screw mounting torque as follows: M4 screw mounting torque of (0.98~1.37)N.m, M3 screw mounting torque of (0.58~0.98)N.m.
5.Please do not use the relay beyond the descriptions in the data sheet.

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